About us

Marketing agency SILVERMEDIUM Ltd.  based its development on needs and demands of its clients and this approach designed our development path. Having respectable clients with high standards from the real beginning of our business, helped us define our business policy by responding at the same, high level.

Our entrepreneurial idea and initial independent projects were launched in June 2011 and we have been successfully dealing with trade and service provision since then.

Shortly after the founding we focused our business on marketing services, such as:  idea development for promotional campaigns, professional festive LED decoration and seasonal indoor and outdoor decor design, design of advertising material, brand development from idea to realization etc.

SILVERMEDIUM Ltd. follows  global trends in the lighting technology  / festive LED decoration development, becoming the unique company at the BiH market with its own brand in the field of LED decoration (LED icicle, LED strings, LED curtains, LED motives…) –  first class quality products, DECOPTIC LIGHT.

Our brand, both in indoor and outdoor installation option, includes full package of additional cable equipment in transparent color (extension cables, power cords, dividers, timers…), so our equipment does not affect the outer appearance of the object during the daylight. Also, it should be noted that installation of decoration equipment is performed without damaging the carpentry (no drill), and after the removal there are no traces of damage or the like.

As a special offer we produce custom-made LED displays, accompanying our production with installation and service of our products. LED displays are made in SMD technology of various resolution (P10, P8, P5) and dimensions (custom-made dimensions and standard cabinet billboard dimensions 2m x1m, 3mx2m, 4mx3m, 5mx3m etc.).

For more information on our offer in the field of professional festive LED decoration, LED commercial media/ displays and promotional POS products, please visit The Catalogues section.

The business orientation of our team is to be among the best and fastest providers of goods and services in the field of our operation. Loyalty and satisfaction of our clients, based on quality and fast service we deliver,  is the best indicator of our success, while client recommendation is our best marketing tool.

For more information, please contact our professional team, always available for your inquiries.